With high levels of crime, self-defence and personal safety are prominent issues for all South Africans.

A new non-lethal, but highly effective wireless stun-gun is about to enter the SA Market.

Kieno Kammies speaks to SA Spokesperson for Wattozz, Greg Baverstock about the new product.

Our product is the world’s first wireless electro-shock device.

— Greg Baverstock, SA spokesperson – Wattozz

He explains that competitors still use wire technology that has a significant safety risk for both the user and assailant.

Our product looks very similar to a handgun except it fires two projectiles, which have no wires attached.

— Greg Baverstock, SA spokesperson – Wattozz

The electroshock from the projectile hooks into the clothing.

Even if they are wearing multiple layers or a heavy leather biker jacket the projectile will hook in with two little barbs and the electroshock will jump from those barbs onto the attacker’s body.

— Greg Baverstock, SA spokesperson – Wattozz

It delivers an immediate debilitating 5-second electroshock which will drop your attacker to the floor. Should this not be enough, you have the ability to re-shock the assailant two or three times afterward.

— Greg Baverstock, SA spokesperson – Wattozz

This is all controlled from the handset, where you can vary the intensity of the shock.

The gun has a fitted HD camera which begins recording as soon as it is switched on.

Pre-orders are open but it should be available in South African by end July.


Listen to Greg Baverstock below:

Launch of the world’s first and only wireless stun gun


This article was first published by Cape Talk on the 30th May 2019.