Airbnb now has 43,400 active South African listings, and many of its clients are local citizens using the service to travel inside the country.

44% of South Africans who used Airbnb to travel have stayed in South Africa, which shows that locals are enjoying local travels.

The company told MyBroadband that it expects authentic travel experiences with local hosts to become even more popular, which bodes well for Airbnb.

Airbnb further expects the growth in ecommerce and mobile commerce to drive its growth in the country, especially with the tech-savvy millennial generation.

“Millennials are increasingly tech-savvy and are moving towards not only shopping and buying online,” said Airbnb.

“They also value experiences over material things, which is why products such as Airbnb Experiences is perfect for them.”

Africa Travel Summit

Airbnb has also announced a $1-million investment in Africa, which will be used to launch the Africa Travel Summit.

The conference will bring leaders from across the continent to South Africa to discuss various topics, including how technology can act as catalyst for change in the tourism industry.

“How to work across sectors to build a more inclusive tourism model” will also be a topic for discussion, said the company.

This article was first published by MyBroadband on 26 January 2018