Interviewing to fill a position in your small or even large enterprise, is a task where reading between the lines is important. Hiring staff is a crucial aspect of expanding your company, no matter which field you are in.

Here are some tips for hiring the best new employee:

Make sure they can find answers

A resourceful employee is an efficient member of the team. In the working world your staff members need to be able to track down resources and action requests quickly, as time is money. While interviewing new personnel, ask them for a timeframe for a task they'll need to tackle. If it's more than two hours for a simple task, you might need to look elsewhere.

Are they willing to learn?

When hiring, you need to make sure they're willing to grow into their new role. No job is ever is exactly the same. Ask the new candidate what they learnt at their last job and what they're planning to learn while at your company. If they're not looking to grow they won't help you achieve your goals.

Can they make a decision?

A decisive employee is a valuable team member. Often in small companies there is a need for employees to make executive decisions. This attribute needs to be paired with competence, otherwise your company will land itself in trouble.

Will they manage lows as well as the highs?

We're all prone to suffer from a low point once in a while, but it is how we bounce back that defines us. Make sure this quality is in your new employee; everyone makes mistakes from time-to-time, but having them drag their heels to get back on track will mean loss of production time.

Are they the one?

Like any relationship you are about to enter, you need to make sure that it is one that is honest and going to last. In the modern world people do move from job to job, but gaining an employee that will stick around is of huge value. During the interview, ask your potential new employee how they'd like to grow and their history of relationships with previous institutions.

This articles was first published on Bizcommunity 01 October 2015.


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