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Adapting to the Digitised World in Schools

Education policy has always been, and will continue to be, closely related to South Africans’ social conditions. That is partly why we still celebrate student protests such as the 1976 ...
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New ways of navigating the world through tech


Not having important knowledge at hand can be more than just an inconvenience. It can have real-world consequences. What do I mean by that? Let’s look at the average (or rather, to use statistician-speak “the most likely”)  South African, according to StatsSA’s latest figures (2011 Census). She’s a black woman who lives in Gauteng, in…

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Mixed-use makes inroads


  Combination schemes and Waterfront properties still drawing buyers and investors Security and convenience are not the only benefits of mixed-use developments. They can also change the way we live and positively impact lifestyles as they have the potential to become communities in and of themselves, says Nicholas Stopforth, managing…

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How to avoid entrepreneurial burnout


The modern workforce is tired and worn out. David Seinker has some tips to avoid burnout Advancements made in technology have resulted in people’s ability to always be online, always check their email and always be available for meetings. In many cases, we cannot switch off, and this means that…

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Nothing Cryptic About New Crypto Start-Up


The latest fintech company to enter the global cryptocurrency investment market has opened for business in the UK this month. Revix, backed by listed investment group Sabvest, is positioning itself as a long-term and more responsible investment platform. Words that inexperienced and seasoned investors alike, don’t hear very often from…

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Utilities Can Use Digital Communication To Fix A Fractured Customer Experience: Here’s How


  For much of their history, utilities haven’t had to pay too much attention to customer experience (CX). The focus in many areas has tended to be on technologies that supported infrastructure and reduced operational costs. But today’s customer expects much more. Thanks to their interactions with service providers in…

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Big data is oxygen to business


With the Digital Revolution in full swing, data is to business what oxygen is to mankind. It is a crucial resource – one that enables companies, especially smaller ventures, to make better business decisions, grow their customer base, keep their competitive edge and secure funding. “There are no two ways…

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How Shea Origin’s Mobola Sagoe is empowering women in Nigeria


Since starting Shea Origin, Mobola Sagoe has used her business to empower women in Nigeria – giving them the power to create, manage and thrive at their own businesses. According to market research company Fior Markets, the global shea butter industry will reach $3.82bn by 2025. From small business owners…

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