Airbnb1-600x400The Airbnb community in South Africa generated an estimated R2.4 billion in total economic activity in 2016 – the sum of guest spending and host income.

South Africans welcomed almost 400,000 guest arrivals into their homes in 2016 alone., the accommodation sharing company said, citing its own data.

This is up from just 38,000 guest arrivals in 2014, and 133,000 in 2015. Airbnb said that 37% of guests in 2016 are South African, with a majority coming from Johannesburg.

As many as 16,000 people played Airbnb host in 2016 in the country. Guests meanwhile, stayed an average of 4.3 days per trip, the data found.

The typical host on Airbnb in South Africa shares their home for 16 days a year and earns an additional R28,000  a year.A total of R817 million was earned by Airbnb hosts, with R1.6 billion spent by guests.

The typical host is 45 years old and 40% of them are freelancers, entrepreneurs or self-employed. More than a third of hosts are aged over 50.

Half of the hosts in South Africa use the income from hosting on Airbnb to help afford to stay in their homes, the data said.

This article was first published by Business Tech on 16 May 2017.