CAPE TOWN – With all eyes on newly appointed Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni’s Medium-term Budget Policy Statement on Wednesday various industry leaders have shared what they hope will be addressed by the minister.

Technology industry

Glenn Gillis, Managing Director of tech innovation group, Sea Monster, says: “There’s a great deal of pressure on our new finance minister and there’s a lot that he needs to get up to speed on (and he hasn’t had much time to do so). But one area where he needs to put much of his focus is on the small business space.

What is Treasury (and government, really) doing to effectively spur entrepreneurship, not just in the short-term, but over the next 10-15 years? We hear so much about the Fourth Industrial Revolution but I would like to see concrete plans from major role players, such as government, on what they’re doing to prepare employers and employees of today and tomorrow for this. I want to see ideas and plans on how we’re better educating tomorrow’s business leaders for a new world of work.”

Industrial sector

Teddy Daka (pictured), chief executive of Etion Limited says : “South Africa’s slow economic growth is a major cause for concern for all of its citizens – private and corporate. If this is to be turned around a number of things are critical. We need stable, expert leadership in Treasury to enable and promote economic growth through effective management of our public finances. Our state-owned entities urgently need to be stabilised, particularly to reverse the pressure they are placing on public finances. Further, we need strategic investment into technology infrastructure which can enable business and the public sector to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively and improve service delivery across the board.”

Tourism sector

  1. As a business in a sector that’s poised to deliver much needed employment, we’d really like the MTBPS to focus more on tangible plans for job creation through agriculture and tourism. We are looking forward to the minister giving direction and realisation of how the president’s job creation undertaking will be made real. The minister should provide a clear indication of how it plans to reduce the staggering unemployment rate of 27.2% and how it’ll support SMEs in the tourism sector by creating a conducive environment to allow for the sustainability of SMEs and assist them with financial support. I personally believe that SMEs are key drivers of employment creation in any sector. – Jerry Mabena, chief executive of Thebe Tourism Group.
  2. “The slightest shifts in our economy have a knock-on effect, so, as the tourism sector, we are looking to establish sustainable safeguards to ensure that the industry can continue to offer opportunities in terms of job creation. Our role is to target growth despite whatever fluctuations come in to play going forward into 2019, and we’re confident that with government collaboration and support, this goal can be realised.” – Enver Duminy, chief executive of Cape Town Tourism.
  3. “We are aware of the optimism with which government regards the tourism sector and, as an industry with a global footprint, we are working towards growth and development in South Africa and across the continent. No matter what shifts are taking place economically, there will always be room for locals to travel – our goal is to facilitate this and to ensure that what’s on offer meets the needs of visitors wherever they choose to go.” – Danny Bryer, area director, sales, marketing and revenue management, Protea Hotels by Marriott.

This article was first published by Business Report on the 22 October 2018