digiVOX Focuses On Return And Accountability With MediaMind

Digivox Logo23 March, 2011, Cape Town: Digital marketing agency digiVOX has signed up MediaMind as its third party ad serving solution.


digiVOX MD Andrea Mitchell explains, “Our ethos is about delivering measurable results for our clients, and although we have always utilised third party ad-tracking to measure our online marketing initiatives, going forward we needed a solution that was streets ahead of the rest in order to ensure we stay ahead of the game, and are able to continue offering our clients the best solutions from both a creative and measurability perspective. We spent months thoroughly investigating various solutions, and are convinced we made the best choice. Simply put, MediaMind enable us to seamlessly implement cutting edge campaigns for our clients.”


MediaMind operate in more than 30 key digital advertising locations in the world, thus is set to bring extensive knowledge and experience to the South African market.

“The number one reason for choosing MediaMind is that their solution offers accredited audited stats. When you send creative directly to publishers, you are relying on their stats for the delivery of your campaign. MediaMind offer 3rd party independent delivery analytics, and are IAB and MRC certified.”


“Using a 3rd party ad server allows you to run rich media, which you cannot always do when sending directly to sites.” MediaMind enables us to measure beyond just impressions and clicks, and provides insights on everything from how many users interact with a specific area of an ad, length of a video play, number of times an ad was expanded, how long it was dwelled upon, and ROI of the campaign split by publisher.  MediaMind ‘blocks’ allow for Flash developers to easily create the most cutting edge rich media.”

Typically, no control of real-time campaign delivery and performance is possible, and all information is reliant on publishers’ reports. However MediaMind’s solution allows for real-time stats and a wide range of analytics, which are available at any time.


MediaMind polite downloads all ads, and ‘sniffs’ connections, delivering the right ad to the right user, addressing the issue of low-bandwidth users in the local South African market. A user profile can also be built up prior to campaign commencement, so that once a campaign is initiated, the right ad is delivered to the right user.


“Most importantly to us at digiVOX is that through placement of tags on our clients’ sites, we can track where the user moves, post click or post impression, which provides greater insight into consumers’ actions, and ultimately conversion and ROI”, says Mitchell.


André van Assche, GM of MediaMind South Africa says, “Working with a progressive digital agency like digiVOX is the right step, and we look forward to growing the local industry with our combined expertise”.


digiVOX is a specialist digital marketing agency that provides brands and marketers with a unique combination of digital marketing tactics through a strategic, analytical, return on investment driven approach – measuring and quantifying all digital marketing initiatives along the way

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