I would like to increase the audience that views my blog site. How do I go about doing this?
Question answered by Daniel Marcus, of small business management app, Magnetic.

There are only two key points you need to keep in mind when it comes to growing your business blog’s audience.

1. Social media is great, but it isn’t the answer to all your woes:
Your growth doesn’t solely depend on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever the latest new big thing is. Social media can amplify your message to your audience, but if the content of that message isn’t relevant or interesting, it won’t really do anything for you.

Which brings us to:

2. Content, Content, Content.
If your business’ blog is all about the products or service you provide, it’s not a surprise that you’re seeing low readership numbers. Can you imagine if your favourite TV channel, radio station, or magazine was only ads?

Remember, when you start a blog for your business, your business becomes a media house. Just as your favourite TV channel, radio station, or magazine gives you content you enjoy and appreciate, your blog must do the same for its audience. Loyal readers grow blogs.

Excited, loyal readers will do more for your blog than you can and ever will, so give them content that excites them, and that they want to share.

Daniel Marcus
Daniel Marcus is the director at Magnetic, a cloud-based small business management app that streamlines the day-to-day administrative functions needed to maintain steady growth in small businesses. For more information visit Magnetic.
This article was first published on Entrepreneur.co.za