In tough economic times it’s imperative that companies – big and small – fully utilise all resources to optimise bottom line profits.

Sadly, companies often overlook their one key component in achieving this: Their staff.

While remuneration in the form of bonuses or salary hikes are the traditional means by which businesses look to reward staff, this is not always feasible, particularly in the current economic climate. Businesses need to look at raising the personal drive and self-esteem of their employees to get the most and best from them.

Rather than viewing this as a problem, business owners should see this as an opportunity to look at different means in which to reward employees, while at the same time building an employee’s self-esteem and personal drive. In fact, to believe that more money means a happier workforce would be a grave error on an employer’s part.

Happy, healthy people
For a business to get the best it can from its workforce, it’s essential that business owners ensure each member of staff has a healthy self-esteem and a strong personal drive to succeed.

While we understandably look at something financial as a means of remuneration for work well done, our human nature also means that positive reinforcement via other means is key to our feeling satisfied, fulfilled and, most importantly, happy in a work environment.

Though this is a basic human need most managers don’t give enough recognition to their staff, probably because they themselves don’t or didn’t receive the level of recognition needed to keep an employee happy.

Recognition is the key, and recognition needn’t be something elaborate.

Recognition can be as simple as literally applauding an employee for a job well done, or letting them contribute when deciding on their job titles.

Empowering success
An employee proud of his or her title may feel more empowered to show leadership in the workplace and it may give them added satisfaction each time business cards are handed out or emails sent.

In short, employers must never forget that they are dealing with pride, and pride enhances a positive attitude which in turn is the foundation for continued success.

About the Author: Godfrey Madanhire is a professional life coach and motivational speaker. Through his company Dreamworld Promotions, Godfrey facilitates holistic wellness training programmes for corporate clients.

This article was first published on EntrepreneurMag.co.za


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