Johannesburg – Following the success of an app by Cape Town start-up Sea Monster created for local retailer Pick n Pay, the company has now taken on the European market.

The company behind the Super Animals app is now being customised for multiple European clients in Portugal, Spain and Poland.

Each version of the app has been adapted for specific countries through language, animals specific to the region and the animation content.

The first version of the app was launched in South Africa in 2016 and saw more than 200 000 downloads, with the following version attaining over 82 000 users just three weeks after its April launch.

Sea Monster told Fin24 that European retail consumer agency Brand Loyalty, recognising the success the mobile app brought to the campaign in the South African market, requested it to adapt the Super Animals Mobile application for its European retail clients in Poland, Portugal and Spain.

So far, the app has seen 8 780 downloads in Spain, 321 386 downloads in Portugal and 950 000 in Poland.

Super Animals was given life by Sea Monster, whose MD Glenn Gillis told Fin24 it has received an overwhelming international response.

“The game is breaking records in every category, and overseas markets have come to understand that we have been able to create a solution that is the best in the business, a product that is created in South Africa. This also speaks to the question of localisation and the proof is in the numbers,” Gillis told Fin24.

The company’s focus is marketing and educational content for children and corporate audiences.

The app offers a cross platform game development service by means of 2D animation through cards that were available at Pick n Pay as collectables, as well as augmented reality and virtual reality solutions.

This article was first published by Fin24 on 29 July 2017.