What is a backlink?

A backlink is any link to your website from another site on the internet. When this term is used, these links are usually being discussed in terms of the value that they bring to your site’s ranking in Google searches: they’re not just valuable because people might click through from them to your website, but also because they cause your site to appear more reliable – and to appear earlier in Google search results because of this. This forms part of digital media.

How to create backlinks?

The process by which backlinks were used to determine the value of a site used to be relatively simple: the more backlinks, the better. Those days are now over, as search engines have wised up to the fact that a large number of links doesn’t necessarily add up to genuinely valuable content. Now, backlinks are evaluated by a number of criteria when search engines are ranking or prioritising search results: for example, a link will provide more value to your site if it’s coming from a site which is itself a trusted source. A bought link, on the other hand – especially if it’s not clearly indicated to be sponsored – will have significantly less value.

It’ll probably come as little surprise that backlinks that are properly “earned” by your own site’s quality of content are the ones that will do the most to boost your domain authority and ensure that your site ranks highly when your potential audience is performing a quick web search. Like many things in life, the best kind of backlink is the kind that requires a bit of work, but that’s where good content comes in: creating authoritative, engaging media with which people genuinely want to associate is the first step towards meaningful backlinks that get your brand seen.

Whilst engaging in Pan African public relations it’s important for a PR company to ensure to get a geographical spread of backlinks from various African countries.

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