Digital Media

What is digital media?

Digital media or online media is any media that is made available on the internet. It can be viewed, created, distributed, and saved on digital electronics devices. In short, it refers to any format of media by which the method of broadcasting or communicating information is done on an online medium or through a screen.

Examples of this media include software, digital videovideo gamesweb pages and websitessocial mediadigital audio such as podcasts. This often contrasts with print media, such as printed books, newspapers and magazines.

How about in the context of PR and Marketing?

Online media in this context can be viewed as being composed of 3 different types. These are :

  • Owned Media: is an online property which the brand or company has control over.
  • Paid Media: is online properties which are promoted with digital advertising
  • Earned Media: is an online property which is created on third-party platforms, and is entirely earned through word-of-mouth and positive PR.

And what about Digital Public Relations?

Digital Public Relations (DPR) is the use of social media and digital marketing to manage the awareness, reputation and understanding of a brand or an organisation, through the purposeful influence of exposure via digital broadcasting formats.

Digital Public Relations will use many of the typical digital marketing strategies in order to manage the perception of the client convincingly; tools such as content marketing, social media marketing, and customer engagement. Whilst combining these with general marketing and communications tools that form part of the PR plan.

Companies, non-profit organizations and institutions all over the world, use these techniques daily to ensure wide respect and a coherent and consistent public appearing of their brand.

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