Editorial Calendar

What is an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar, known for saving the lives of countless creatives, is an itemised schedule used to plan, manage and implement the publishing of content on predefined media channels. From small bloggers to global news outlets like cnn, businesses to influencers, the editorial calendar becomes a point of reference in a time of daily content production and publishing. Whether you’re producing a once-off magazine, the daily newspaper or a simple social media campaign, the editorial calendar ensures accuracy and quality when it comes time to deliver.

It’s worthy to note that an editorial calendar also acts to better control the content-creation process – by establishing timings, deliverables, reviews, a broader idea of the process becomes more apparent. If you thought it would be useful to help your own content creation, this becomes a no-brainer in a team environment, where many cogs are moving independently but towards the same goal.

How to best use it for PR?

The more detailed a calendar, the more effective it will be. Clarifying roles for the team and team leaders, defining the channels and detailing budgets are all methods to add value to an editorial calendar. For example, researching the times during which a digital target audience is generally online ie digital media not only ensures the content reaches more people, but that the calendar can more accurately define timings from the early stages. The less questions the team has to ask, the more effective your rollout strategy will be.

Nothing should ever be set in stone and, thanks to computers, they don’t have to be – effective calendars use project management software or editable documents to be reactive and it allows team members to work remotely. While an editorial calendar is essentially a plan, a good portion of planning must occur before work on the calendar starts. Target market research, budgets, objectives, media channels and timings are all details that are ironed out beforehand to make the most out of the calendar planning session.

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