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Guestlist Management

What is Guestlist management?

Guestlist management refers to the process of curating an intentional list of prospective guests as per relative interests to achieve specific goals. The guest list organizer is set with the task of maintaining the general order of guests at the function by selecting and placing certain individuals, with the purpose of controlling the potential value/interest add to the organisation.

This activity specializes in dealing with prospective guests in order to generate and facilitate a specific environment or atmosphere, which enables attendees to fulfil their intended functions as it relates to the aforementioned goals and objectives of the event. Guestlist managers are often tasked with ensuring a favourable image with important stakeholders as part of stakeholder relations management.

The primary function of guest list management is to ensure the smooth facilitation of the exchange of information in the form of communication between the attendees and the host organisation. Event-related logistics, which includes pre and post-event logistics, are also considered in order to measure and record event data. Aspects of this include; pre and post communication as well as reputation management with the aim of establishing credibility.

Guestlist Managers are able to monitor event acceptance and rejection rates, as well as acquire valuable qualitative data that can aid in the feedback process of the event management process. Event management refers to the activities relating to the constructing, controlling, conducting, and monitoring of a gathering with the intention of achieving specific outcomes often related to business promotional objectives. Guestlist management also aids in the promotional aspect of the marketing communications mix as it aids in maintaining a positive relationship with internal and external stakeholders. It is important to include Guestlist management as part of an organisation or individuals PR plan, as it forms part of the public relations function.

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