Integrated marketing

What is Integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing is a practice within marketing and advertising studies where an approach is created to deliver a marketing campaign that seamlessly interacts and communicates with the desired group of individuals targeted. It attempts to melt all aspects of the advertising and marketing strategy and message to deliver advertising, promotions, public relations communications, literal direct marketing, and media pages without losing interest or attention of the targeted group. Integrated marketing uses channels, different media, and activities together as a unified force to deliver a consistent and powerful marketing and advertising message or campaign.

Simply put, this essentially guarantees that an organization’s or brand’s marketing and advertising are consistent and accurate across the board, and consistent to all customers in the company or brands target market. Integrated marketing values a comprehensive and tactical marketing rollout and a comprehensive plan to deliver communications. It is designed to give the utmost clarity of communication to deliver maximum impact. It is incredibly important as it guarantees to the highest capacity that a brand will be thorough, accurate and consistent in their marketing and communications which in essence is the very most important pillar for a brand or company to base themselves off of.

A good example of integrated marketing can be seen through restaurant franchising if a brand that has a large number of restaurants under their name, they need to guarantee that all their marketing and advertising does not conflict with each other and confuse their customer base, if one restaurant communicates about its brand name differently, contradictive or inaccurately to the collective strategy of the brand- they can face large consequences against their potential customers and target audience and potentially threaten the brand’s name and reputation entirely.