Media Relations

What is media relations?

Media relations refers to the way in which a company interacts with journalists, editors, and reporters for print or digital media. When publicising a brand, forming and fostering relationships with members of the media is critical. This not only helps spread awareness of your product or service but also creates a network of people who are willing and able to provide your company with publicity should you need it. This relationship between media platforms and companies is mutually beneficial, as reporters are gaining story ideas and content in return for promoting a product to the public.

Why use media relations?

An article or feature also appears more sincere to a potential customer than an advertisement, not only informing the reader that the topic is worthy of coverage but also endorsing it through the journalist’s choice to write about it in the first place. Nurturing a relationship with the press can also help a brand to be seen as an authority in its field. Journalists and reporters are always on the hunt for quotes and businesses can use these opportunities to show their expertise, gain free exposure, and cement themselves as a source of insight and knowledge on the topic. Presence in the media can lead to increased trust in a company, and that trust can directly translate to sales.

Is it for all companies?

Many newer or smaller companies might see media relations as an intimidating prospect but it’s something that can be easily done by any entity. Apps like HARO and Response Source put public relations in direct contact with press requests, making it much easier to get your business out there. However, it is undoubtedly best to attempt to create closer relationships with journalists who cover your industry and that is best done through personal contact. The myriad benefits of external coverage include a backlink from a site that might be highly ranked, as many news web addresses are, a source of free publicity and earned media that could become a mutually beneficial business relationship and recommendations in turn to other journalists willing to draw on your company’s resources and expertise.

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