Pan African Public Relations

What is Pan African Public Relations?

Pan-Africanism is a global movement, which stimulates unity among all Africans as well as the African diaspora, to secure civil rights, friendly relations and encourage African participation in business and education. This discipline considers and encourages this cultural and political and professional solidarity between all Africans – regardless of national origin – and works within this scope to achieve a client’s business goals through effective information distribution. Pan African public relations take into consideration the attributes of African business and the African business environment.

How it is used?

It is used to maintain the positive image of an organisation in the minds of the African public which an organisation is catering to – within a pan African context. The professional conservation of this image involves managing the publication of information, the spread of information and the response to how this information is received by external stakeholders. Public relations practitioners need to be adept at telling the story of the company at hand, and this can be done proficiently once there is a genuine understanding of the depth of the African business environment and how this is influenced by Pan African ideals, as well as the social and cultural atmospheres that these ideals exist in.

Why is it important?

Considering that Pan Africanism is a global movement, pan African public relations is important in that the scope of stakeholders is very broad and will thus provide beneficial outcomes when reaching for business goals that are informed by pan Africanism.

Public relations require the constructive management of information within a social context, which in this case involves the complex cultural tapestries of African societies and how they shape African business. The importance lies also in harnessing the vast potential that lies within the African business landscape and its exciting potential for evolution.