PR Plan (Public Relations Plan)

What is PR Plan (Public Relations Plan)?

A public relations plan is a plan used to manage the general outside perception of an organization or a person. A PR plan typically tackles public disasters, issues with public perception, as well as when an organization efforts’ is promoting an element of the company: news, new product/services or a campaign. In relating to issues pertaining to public perception and reputation, these issues include, but are not limited to; immoral behaviour, illegal activity, and information breaches. A successful PR plan consists of knowing who your intended audience is and how to contact your intended audience, along with addressing the prescribed idea.

Furthermore, a successful plan can be achieved by sending out press releases to media outlets. Each Public relations plan should include one if not all five of these objectives. All of which should align with your company. These objectives include being SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable or achievable, Results-oriented, or relevant, and it should be Timely. Having a PR plan in place—and sticking to it—will help organizations get the most from their investment.

The purpose of the PR plan isn’t just to generating exposure around once-off events, product launches or temporary news. Instead, it’s goal is to deliver ongoing returns that have a lasting impact on the organization’s reputation and brand.

Here’s what a PR plan does for your business :

– Features the precise and specific content that you intend to create. This content will often take the form of PR angles or stories, and strategically include your brand’s key messages – what you want your specified readers and listeners to know about your brand.

– Describes the channels on which the campaign will be rolled out, these channels will be chosen based on your target audiences and the channels they trust and use to consume information. It removes all the guesswork so that your campaign will be highly targeted and efficient.

– Schedules how, when and to whom pitch stories so that the campaign generates the most exposure and impact for your brand.

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