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Press Kit

What is a press kit?

A press kit is a key tool in public relations, media relations and earned media, allowing media professionals to easily access information about your company. The key is to provide as much clarity as possible in the space provided. Extraneous details shouldn’t be included. Instead, a press kit should offer its reader a comprehensive and succinct overview of the business and what it provides. These are not about selling your product to the press but rather providing information that they might need should they want to write about your company. A short fact sheet or written piece should explain all the most important information such as when your company was founded, what it is you do, and a little bit of the history of the company. Statistics are also particularly valuable to members of the press as they provide a means of insight into the company without any of the bias that might be present in a quote. Press kits should always include contact details so that the journalist can reach out for clarification should they need to.

What is included in it?

Press kits should also include media assets such as imagery and your company’s logo, all of which should be in high-resolution and include descriptive labels. There should be little doubt as to what product or service a company provides when you read their press kit. Information about what you offer, including pricing, must be easily visible and should be updated quarterly to avoid errors. Should there be other, pre-existing press about the business, it might make sense to include it. A benevolent blog post might not make the cut but a review in a magazine certainly would.  A press kit should be easy for a journalist to find and access. Make sure it can be downloaded directly off of the company’s website and use PDF format to ensure it can be opened by all.

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