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Press Management

What is Press management?

Press management is viewed as the administration and management of an organization’s relationship with the press. The role is often held by a press officer who acts as an organization’s main point of contact for the media.

The press management’s role is to handle all dealings with the media and press, from preparing press releases, statements and organizing press conferences and interviews, to liaising with press contacts, journalists and media houses whilst monitoring the media coverage of the organization.

Why is it important?

Press management is important because it intuitively holds leaders accountable for their actions and conduct in office. It provides a space for people such as politicians and organizations to explain issues that may be a source of query or unease for the press and, or the greater society. It is imperative to note that in this beckoning time of the new age, social media plays a big role and is included in the space mentioned above.

Popular press management tools include but are not limited to; press releases, press kits, and press briefs and conferences. A press release is an official statement by an organisation or individual sent to media outlets for the purposes of relaying important information to the general public. A press kit is a set of promotional materials distributed to members of the media for the purposes of promoting a specific product, service or offering. A press brief or conference is an event that aims to invite media representatives for a dialogue for the purposes of media coverage.

When manging the press, it is important to ensure that the communication between the organisation/individual and the press is objective and informational, original and unpublished, and targeted and tailored for the intended audience. Not making use of these essential communication practices may render press releases ineffective as journalists and other media entities will not be incentivised to publish.

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