Print Media

What is print media?

The term Print Media is a mix of two words the firs is Print which implies; Production of (books, papers, and so on.), particularly on a mass scale, by a process of printing text onto paper of otherwise physical material. And, the second word “Media” implies; any vehicle of Mass Communication such as TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet and so on. In this manner we can characterize Print media as; the medium that spreads/conveys printed information or stories to the Mass through its mechanisms of Newspapers, Magazines, and Brochures and so on.

How can Print Media be used as a tool in PR?

Print Media PR is one of the oldest and most frequently used form of public relations.

When thinking of public relations, most individuals envision newspapers and magazines as one of the key outputs. Newspaper information are still considered to be the backbone of any news outlet because it reaches more people and more different publics.

In many local towns and even in rural areas, the local newspaper will stay have the highest headcount. Statistics reveal that a large portion of the community reads their hometown newspaper from front to back.

In addition to this, many business leaders and decision-makers deem to newspapers to be the most credible source of information. The reason for this is because print news editors provide more in-depth fact-checking on news stories that most bloggers will never have. Fact-checking and accuracy is a big deal.

What type of media does print media include?

The top 2 print media formats are magazines and newspapers.

Newspapers – are the most popular format that print media can take. Newspapers are usually topical and are generally delivered at home, or can be purchased in person at newsstands, and convenience stores. There exists a variety of different kinds of newspapers that speak to the interests of different publics and audiences. Newspapers are evaluated based on reach and circulation, however, there has been much criticism as to the effectiveness of calculating reach for print publications as multiple readers may read one newspaper.

Magazines – provide a range of very specific articles on several topics, like sports, fashion, finance, cars, travel, nutrition,business, home improvement, luxury, and so on. Magazines can be released weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, and many of them are sold worldwide.