Public Relations or PR

What is Public Relations also-known-as PR?

Public Relations, often abbreviated as PR, refers to the management and maintenance of an individual’s or organisation’s image in relation to the external environment in which they operate. The types of Individuals that make use of PR include but are not limited to; public officials, media personalities, influencers, and sportsmen. The types of organisations that make use of PR include but are not limited to; governmental departments, profit and non-profit corporations, and educational organisations. Aspects that are controlled within this domain include; messaging, brand identity, relationship preservation, and various forms of strategic communications.

Public Relations can be seen as a tool in regards to reputation management, as it is generally used as a tool for storytelling, damage control and/or crisis management. Corporations and/ individuals make use of this when there is a need to establish a deliberate public position or identity with the purpose of minimizing negative publicity that can affect a corporation’s bottom line.

Who uses PR?

Entities that are concerned with public relations include, but are not limited to; potential customers, employees, media houses, journalists, social media networks, governmental agencies and bodies, investors, and the general public. Maintaining a positive public image aids in the pursuance of ensuring that marketing messages align with an organization’s or an individual’s value systems as well as mission, projects, current news, product launches and updates, as discrepancies within these may negatively affect the marketing goals of an organization.

What are PR best-practices?

Best practices within this domain include; segmenting target audiences, determining customer information, constructing media source lists, identifying journalists, evaluating distribution options, selection of appropriate public relation tools, monitoring coverage, and measuring results.

Public Relations management can be done in-house or through a PR consulting firm, such as Irvine Partners. In-house PR teams are best suited for individuals whereas PR consultancies are often used for bigger clients with dedicated PR budgets.

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