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Reputation Management

What is reputation management?

Just as the name suggests, it is the practice of influencing the reputation of a particular entity. While there are varying opinions on how much control a company, organization or brand has over their reputation, it’s generally considered well worth investing time and resources in understanding how your business is perceived by your potential customers and the public at large.

This is where reputation management professionals come in: with the relevant tools, experience and expertise, PR professionals and reputation management specialists are able to analyze the reputations of their clients, then make a positive impact on how that client is perceived.

Is it the same as PR ?

Does it sound like reputation management and PR are interchangeable? They’re often thought of that way, but there’s a bit more to it, and some significant differences to explore. For one thing, PR is more consumer-facing, with very clear, visible efforts made to spread the word about a company’s brand and services.

Reputation management tends to happen more behind the scenes, taking a more holistic view of the brand’s image than just what it presents in its marketing, and taking charge of responses to customer feedback, search engine optimization to make sure that the brand is easily discoverable, content creation, and sometimes even the legal aspects of managing the brand’s image.

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