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Social Media Community Management

What is Social media community management?

Social media community management describes the processes of managing, tracking and engaging the followers of a brand across all social media platforms. The establishment of a social media community is one of the key objectives of a social media strategy.

Social media communities are formed because of the common interests consumers may have that are either represented by the brand or provided by the brand. These commonalities vary from interests in a brand’s messaging such as social activism to a brand’s focus of profession, geographical location or political and social beliefs that the brand may embody on social media platforms. Social media community managers handle communications between a brand’s social media users and the brand at hand, which means the integrated work of public relations, social media management and content creation.

Social media community management is used to bring together consumers and clients in one distinct grouping to share their commonalities and while individual commonalities may vary, the brand is at the base of this community. The brand should be at the core of common interests and should work to engage followers on this. These commonalities are informed by the brand’s unique offering, and these connections within in a community should then be fostered, strengthened and used to further enlarge the community as well as the brand and its contributions.

This discipline is important because it allows an organisation to harness the power of a vast consumer group and provides a brand with prime consumer insights. Considering the strength of social media and rapid information sharing in contemporary times, a brand community works not only as consumers but as a powerful marketing tool as well. A brand’s public image relies heavily on the spread of positive social media messaging and a social media community that is supportive is essentially able to control and influence brand reputation for the better.

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