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Social Media

What is social media?

Social media refers to the series of websites, applications and media platforms that enable and socially connect users to each other online. Social media allows users to interact through sharing content, information, interests, and mutual connections. Social media forms part of a company’s owned media channels.

It is used in a variety of ways- it is often used through personal devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and personal laptops that have the capacity to connect to the Internet through varying social media platforms. These devices act as a platform and device through which people then interact through various social media.

It first originated as a simple way to interact for users with friends and family all over the world but was later adopted by businesses looking to leverage the power harnessed by the novel, authentic and personal communication method. One of the greatest assets of this is being its ability to allow people from all walks of life to connect, share and engage with anyone globally, or with many people at the same time with very little effort.

Is it a good tool for PR and marketing?

For this reason, it has become an incredibly powerful tool for marketing and advertising as it can accurately and instantaneously reach out to people. This has now become an important aspect of everyday life for a large majority of the people, as a majority of users make use of it in order to fulfil everyday functions.

It’s also become an everyday tool for a large majority of people and organisations internally, as it is used to communicate for socializing and for business interactions. For example, ‘Whatsapp’ is used every day to communicate, make phone calls, and conduct business meetings and transactions.

The most popular platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and TikTok.

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