Strategic communications

What is Strategic communications?

Strategic communications can be viewed as an umbrella term to describe the communication activities, the disciplines of communication and the responsibility that brands must communicate their message accurately and considerately. It speaks to the bigger concerns behind brands and organizations to increase their hold on the market that they exist in and advance their organizational or brand message/mission. Strategic communications are essentially multidisciplinary marketing and advertising strategy as it draws on many aspects of communications such as public relations, brand management, marketing, and advertising.

Strategic communications are used through various platforms such as social media campaigns through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok to reach out to their customers strategically with a considered and thought through a marketing plan. Strategic communications are also used through brand interactions such as physical interactions within the brand’s stores also known as in-store activations and places of business or through brand interactions with the public in order to interact with their potential customers face-to-face, which is often incredibly impactful.

Why is it important?

Strategic communications are incredibly important because, without it, brands and businesses would often find themselves contradicting or miscommunicating with their intended target group as the market, social and political landscape fluctuates with normal life. Strategic communications are important to synchronize brands marketing and advertising efforts in order to guarantee that a brand interacts with its intended marketing group with utmost clarity and understanding and in a way that delivers maximum impact for the brand or company’s efforts both financially and time-wise.

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