The Protea Hotel OR Tambo Airport, the busy conferencing and executive travel hotel located at Johannesburg’s main international airport, has a new addition to its product offering which ensures GUESTS are connected to the world.

The three new iPad stations are for GUEST use and are proving to be hugely popular with young and old, whether it be popping onto Twitter for a FoMO (fear of missing out) update or checking up on flight details, says General Manager Gawie Nel.

The iPad stations are connected to the hotel’s Wi-Fi and are loaded with:

  • Social media apps (Facebook and Twitter);
  • Google apps;
  • Travel apps such as TripAdvisor;
  • An OR Tambo Airport information app that includes all flight schedules and allows for searching by airline so GUESTS can stay up-to-date with arrival and departure times; and
  • Safari web browsing.

Nel said the location of the hotel necessitated providing GUEST information services that others would not do as a matter of course, such as real time flight schedules. “iPads are a great way of doing that, and considering how busy the stations have been since we installed them, GUESTS agree,” the GM said.