Christian Matuz

iHealth Meals is the brainchild of qualified food manufacturing technologist, Christian Matuz. The company specialises on corporate catering and a meal delivery service that offers healthy meal-plans according to your daily nutritional needs.

Their meals cover all major food groups and are designed to provide the recommended daily allowance of all vitamins and minerals in a manner that thrills the palate. The meals are also calorie-controlled.

Most people go to gym but still struggle to lose weight or maintain a healthy eating regimen. Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain weight, or build muscle, you can only achieve this with the right portion control. Eating healthily – at the right time, in the right proportions and with the right combination of foods – will also control health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiac issues.

Research has proven that exercise only contributes 20% of your goal – the rest is healthy nutrition. IHealth meals plan provides you with freshly prepared, healthy nutritional meals that are low in saturated fat and sodium. With a variety of delicious daily meal menus, iHealth offers an easy and enjoyable way of attaining and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Delivery service is free across most of Cape Town, so that you can enjoy the convenience of freshly prepared meals delivered to your door.

iHealth works with qualified personal trainers, dieticians and a psychologist to provide an overall health education and advice service. Their dieticians are also consulted on an ongoing basis in an effort to ensure that all their meals are within the necessary nutritional guidelines.

iHealth recognizes that a healthy diet does not mean boring food. Therefore they have secured the talents of Max Bothe (who has worked with Gordon Ramsay) as their iHealth executive chef. Together with their team of specialists each recipe is designed to suit all your nutritional and taste bud requirements. Their meals are always fresh and innovative.

About the Program: iHealth will provide you with a healthy, balanced variety of freshly prepared meals every day. With the program there is no planning, shopping or cooking. No more weighing, measuring or calories counting. No more worrying about cleaning the dishes, so you save on electricity, energy and time which you can spend with your loved ones. There is also no more food waste, which adds to money-saving.

iHealth Meals also provide with health tips, advice and even a shopping list to encourage changing your household’s eating habits and lifestyle. You can visit a (, as well as on FaceBook and Twitter, where you can find the latest related articles of healthy lifestyles.

iHealth’s meal plans are scientifically designed, following guidelines and trends indicated by their dieticians and the latest research available. Each individually packed meal is freshly prepared and nutritious. For your convenience, the meals are packaged in microwavable containers and delivered to you in a cooler bag.

They offer a standard Lean Balanced Choice (approximately 1200 calories), Balanced Choice (approximately 1500 calories) and Hungry Balanced Choice (approximately 1800 calories) meal plans.

They also offer meal plan designed around a Mediterranean diet (approximately 1100 to 200 calories) for those who want to lose weight or have Type 2 diabetes. Most meal plans offer the freedom of selecting dishes from the changing weekly menu, which offers a wide choice.

People simply seeking a convenient food solution, or whose work schedule makes junk food eaten on the fly the norm, can order iHealth’s Daily meals for lunch or dinner, which are also delivered to your door. But those people who are at their ideal weight and fitness level can dive into the “Naughty Meals” menu with enthusiasm because – for once – calories don’t count.

The article 1st appeared on Hotel and Restaurant on the 13/06/2012


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