What have South Africans been searching for in July? Well, according to data from Google South Africa, the results were quite varied.

From 94 clusters of trending search terms by South Africans this month, 17 were related to Wimbledon, being by far the most Googled topic.

South Africa’s Kevin Anderson was the first term in the first cluster relating to Wimbledon. The South African came close to beating Novak Djokovic in a dramatic match at the tournament.

Other search terms relating to Wimbledon featured in July’s trending searches were the names of tennis’ current biggest stars, and returning star, Martina Hingis.

Hingis won her first Wimbledon title in 17 years as the former world number one teamed up with India’s Sania Mirza to win a thrilling women’s doubles final.

Other sports news in the trending searches for July included the Tour de France, golf’s British Open, football’s Women’s World Cup and Copa América, the Rugby Championship, and the Vodacom Durban July.

Of course, there was one other sport that featured prominently, in the form of surfing at the J-Bay Open.

The biggest news from the Open had very little to do with the surfing itself, thanks to surfer Mick Fanning’s battle with a shark, with terms like “mick fanning shark”, “shark attack video” and “j bay shark attack” being used.

Surprisingly enough, South Africans seem to be stargazers too this month.

“Pluto photos”, “Pluto news”, “Nasa news”, “Nasa announcement”, and “kepler 452b” also appeared in this month’s top trending search terms.

In more traditional news search terms, Greece’s economic crisis, Nkandla, Bill Cosby, and Sandra Bland, the black woman who died in American police custody under suspicious circumstances, also appeared in a number of search terms in July.

This article was first published on iAfrica.com

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