For many, Valentine’s Day is less about being struck by Cupid’s arrows as it is about avoiding the day altogether. The sun, moon and Mercury may all be going about their business, while leaving your star sign out of the equation this Valentine’s Day, but there are far more tangible forces at play, back here on Earth – so many of which you can easily give your heart to.

Some sceptics may be liberally using Doom spray to dispel any love that’s in the air, while others prefer to celebrate the enduring company of family and friends. But why not also single out some deserving souls and share the love with those infrequently touched by kindness?

Compliment yourself and let your virtues flourish by looking outward instead of in, with these uplifting causes supported by Relate Bracelets that Cupid simply can’t compare to. The 100% not-for-profit social enterprise has been helping change lives for almost a decade and is forging social upliftment legacies that endure far beyond even the greatest romances.

A cause with claws

Let your passion for wildlife conservation run wild in conjunction with the valuable work of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). Take the pledge “to keep all carnivores wild n’ free” before getting your teeth into the EWT’s vast information resources and finding out how to get involved. Encompassing biodiversity and business, through to the preservation of threatened species and habitats, this invaluable network is more than just paws for thought.

Smile your heart out

It’s said that a smile can change the world, but what if you could change the world for those who are desperate to smile without hindrance? Operation Smile and The Smile Foundation are helping to make this dream come true by providing healthcare for children with facial conditions. Between them, these non-profit organisations have helped hundreds of thousands of children to beam with confidence, while conducting ongoing research into the prevention and eradication of cleft lips and palates.

Love to learn

Late global icon Nelson Mandela left behind an unparalleled legacy of love that continues to extend from each generation into the next. The Nelson Mandela School Library Project is doing sterling work in the same vein, by converting shipping containers into libraries for school children. This initiative is boosting the literacy levels of over 80,000 South African children daily, and needs your help in educating our young minds of the future.


It’s goals galore for non-profit organisation Grassroots Soccer, particularly in terms of teaming up for an AIDS-free generation. The organisation is geared towards youth development, health and wellness and the cultivation of young people to become agents for change and upliftment in their communities. Through a range of activities and donation options, you can help break the cycle of HIV and assist youngsters on their path to brighter futures.

Pink passions

Breast health and awareness is important all year round and health sector NGO PinkDrive is dedicated to providing vital access to education and cancer support, while promoting early detection as a means of prolonging life. PinkDrive also offers countless volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved, including an annual calendar of exciting events.

All these beneficiaries are proudly and lovingly supported by Relate bracelets. To support them or other important causes close to your heart, visit www.relate.org.za/shop

This article was first published by Thesouthafrican.com on the 30th January 2019.