Louise Marsland’s (@Louise_Marsland) pick of new product, packaging and design launches.

A warm and fuzzy welcome for new employees at Prezence Digital; Joe Public smells the coffee; Baileys goes 3D in Africa; and Nike gets the boot.

Welcome to Prezence

New employees at Prezence Digital are certainly not put into a box or labelled as such. Instead, they are made to feel as welcome as possible with a specially designed ‘Welcome Pack’ at their desks on their first day in the office.

The Welcome Pack is a thoughtful, designer box containing an elegant wood-effect pen, notebook and cup flask set, as well as a cuddly microwaveable ‘huggy bear’ to keep you warm at your desk!

The pack also includes a memory stick with all you need to know about Prezence, from sick days to parking, perks, the Prezence cafe and people, roles and processes.

Prezence CEO, Prakash Patel, says the objective is to make new employees feel welcome and to “drive and entrench, in a creative way, our Primedia values from day one”.

“We want to make new employees feel that not only have they joined a company that cares, but a company that makes you feel at home and welcomed from the moment you are shown your desk. We all know that empty first day nervous feeling sitting at an empty desk. What better than to have a present waiting just for you!” Patel says it is their “very own random act of kindness”.

It is also about walking the talk, as they do talk about people as their greatest assets and want to ensure that they do feel that way. “For me it was about going that extra length as any new employees are our future,” Patel adds.

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