So we’re back at work. If you’re anything like me, it feels seriously depressing.

No more spontaneous, cocktail-infused trips to the beach or afternoon siestas at whim. I’m sure you’d all agree, amidst the flood of routine being back in the office adds it own degree of moroseness – you find yourself snippy with colleagues even if you don’t mean to be and being a desk-jockey again hits home how wonderful it was to not have to use a mouse or hunch over a tablet device or screen for hours on end.

Right, so it is safe to assume the rest of January is pretty much going to suck, unless you make a concerted effort to decide otherwise.

One surefire way to start is to book a Thai Massage with Nee at Ey Spa – an authentic and luxurious spa in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront opposite the Blue Shed.
After your treatment you will not be able to mention her name without thinking – k-Nee-ad away knots of tension. Okay, maybe it is just us folk who have a fetish for playing with words.

But seriously – of all the treatments and experiences on offer at this spa that focus on the Eastern philosophy of healing mind, body and soul – the dry Thai massage comes highly recommended.
It’s an hour of being stretched, pulled and yes, kneaded with every acceptable part of Nee’s body – even the not so acceptable to some – so hope you don’t mind her foot heel giving your glutes a deep-tissue prod.

But before I put you off with my layman description the traditional explanation is that the Ey Spa therapists use the Nuat Phaen Thai technique or “ancient massage” in their treatments, involving a combination of yoga like poses, acupressure, reflexology and gentle stretching techniques to release tension, stimulate the metabolism, increase blood circulation, detox the body and assist in preventing illness and disease.

They cater for both male and female clients and the air of East meets West is enhanced by the super-comfy Thai clothing that is worn during the massage that takes place in authentic Thai-looking treatment rooms – helping your mind meet your body in relaxation bliss.
You will feel like a tenderized piece of steak post-treatment and I can attest to the released tension – I’m certain with repeat treatments, add in a hot compress or two and you’re pretty much set for a path of increased vitality and longevity. But don’t expect to feel a spring in your step immediately – in fact if you do decide to book yourself in for a January pep-up I’d recommend having the rest of the day to bask in the awesomeness of your new-found suppleness.

Steamroom away, soak in the pool, light lunch, water on tap and lots of sleep. Capisce!?

Other treatments on offer include the Thai Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage using acupressure techniques and a herbal Thai steam tent to increase blood circulation and smooth the skin. A separate reflexology area caters for your feet, easing ailments and relieving pain.

For the Spa regulars, you’ll be pleased to know Ey Spa not only offers traditional Thai treatments, but rejuvenating facials, aromatherapy body treatments, a steam room and sauna experience, as well as those pamper essential manis and pedis.

They also swear by their award-winning and proudly South African Nimue range for all facials, designed for nurturing skin in the harsh southern African climate. For body treatments Comfort Zone is used in conjunction with Ey Spa’s philosophy of using natural products combined with a beneficial medicinal element. contact details:
Tel: +27 (21) 421 8888

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