Everyone knows at least one woman who is a local hero: she teaches adult literacy in her spare time, or volunteers at an old-age home, or creates her own feeding scheme for a local school, or helps stray animals using her own resources. It’s your mother, sister, aunt, friend… or it could even be you.

These are the women who selflessly give both their time and money to better the lives of people around them. These are the women whose passion to help others shines brightly and makes them beacons of hope in the community.

It is time for these women to be celebrated and rewarded. Together with Airbnb, Destiny Connect wants you to share these inspirational stories and Host-a-Hero.

Two of these heroes will stand a chance to win a luxurious stay for a weekend at an Airbnb home to enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation. For nominating someone, you also stand a chance of winning a weekend at an Airbnb home.

How does it work?

Step one:

Before you nominate your hero, please ensure that they give permission for you to nominate them and that provide us with their contact details. Airbnb will be in direct contact with them should they win a prize.

Step two:

Fill in the nomination form below before 23:59 South African Standard Time on 13 April 2018.

Step three:

All stories will be read and the judges will then shortlist the best five and the top two will be chosen as the prize winners. These two amazing heroines will each receive a weekend at a stunning Airbnb home for them and a partner and their stories will be shared on this website.

The nominator of the top winning entry will also win a weekend in an Airbnb home.

If any winner cannot be contacted, does not confirm acceptance of the prize within a reasonable time, or is found not to be eligible, then that prize will be offered to the next highest placed entry.

After the close of the competition, Destiny Connect and Airbnb may publicly announce the names and hometowns of the winners, and the heroes’ stories (including in summarised or edited form as required), including through their websites, blogs and social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

This article was first published by DestinyConnect on 14 March 2018