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Cape Town – The Muslim travel market is worth billions and Cape Town is positioning itself to tap into the potential gold mine.

Halaal tourism is nothing new to South Africa, with the country positioned as one of the five most popular non-Organisation of Islamic Cooperation destinations in the global Muslim travel market.


“We’ve got a strong Muslim culture and we need to put it out there as part of what we do,” says Cape Town Tourism chief executive Enver Duminy.

During a 2014 interview with the Cape Argus, Duminy said Cape Town attracted 1.3 million international visitors a year, but the goal was to hit 1.5 million.

Even travel companies have tapped into the market with specialist websites geared towards Muslim tourists. In 2013 Singapore-based firm Crescentrating launched, offering a wide range of features for tourists wishing to travel in accordance with the rules of Islam.

And what’s there not to love about Cape Town? We have a rich Cape Malay culture, the sea and Table Mountain!

This article was first published in IOL on 14 September 2016