We spend most of our teenage lives counting down the years until we hit our twenties, daydreaming of the perfect career, partner and life we’ll have once we reach that golden age… Only to discover it’s no walk in the park. Here are the three problems every twenty-something will face at some point – and quick fixes to help you get back on track with your perfect life plan.

#1 Getting a job, any job…

You’re in your mid-twenties, still living under your parent’s roof and battling to find a steady gig – and it’s not for a lack of trying. You could blame the world or kick and scream but no one seems to care because you’re literally one amongst billions.

Solve it by… getting in someone’s face!

If you think you’ve tried, we hate to break it to you but you may not have tried hard enough. There’s more than one way to get noticed for a prospective job – just take a look at what this guy did. Yes, it may cost a bit of cash but it will be worth it in the end. Remember to target who you want to appeal to, find a way that communicates directly to them then show them you’ve got what it takes to work in their company.

#2 A raise, you need a raise…

Multiple reports claim that modern employees only expect to stay in their current jobs for a maximum of three years. The culprit? We lack attention spans and crave adventure. In reality, we know the only reason for our itchy feet is because petrol’s gone up again – but our paycheque hasn’t.

Solve it by… Jumping around (in work, that is)

Moving from one job to the next isn’t always easy but it does help with at least one thing: pay raises. If you’re comfortable in your position, ask your manager for a meeting to discuss the possibility of a raise – and be prepared. Have a list of your accomplishments and state them, with evidence, then provide a deadline to receive their answer. If they don’t think you’re ready for a pay raise, ask how you can improve your performance. If you decide to leave, ensure you give the appropriate amount of notice and use all your leave days.

#3 You’re in debt, they’re in debt, everyone’s in debt – eek!

After the housing collapse in 2008/2009, most people have found it difficult to keep on top of their credit. Not only are we still couch-surfing at our parents’ but student loans don’t come cheap either. Forget about the fancy car and beautiful new home, you need to pay those store accounts ASAP.

Solve it by… mastering your rental agreements like a boss

Rent everything! It might seem counterintuitive but managing your finances, and saving, requires fixed monthly fees – unlike credit agreements. Rentals on apartments are fixed for 12 months or longer and aren’t as steep as bond repayments.And if you’re tired of appliance and furniture hand-me-downs, companies like Teljoy offer a month-to-month rent-to-own agreement on a large range of products from washing machines to tablets. With fixed expenses, you can plan to save a set amount each month for your dream home or a new car.

This article was first published in Glamour on 22 June 2016

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