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As a student, life is about cramming last minute study sessions and planning how to pull yourself through that party till the early morning light. It’s a risky time, and one you should be covered for.

Here’s the bad news: Chances are that eventually you’ll come short, whether it’s surviving your grueling schedule, or your flat being hit by the local group of no-good scoundrels. It is time to start considering insurance and medical aid, because as your wallet will attest, you probably don’t have the cash to deal with these little mishaps. Here are some helpful steps to take, and what you need to consider, to make sure you’re covered during the riskiest (#best) time of your life.

No one likes you till you’re 27
If you’re male and own a car, you’re an insurance company’s worst nightmare. To them, you’re bound to write off your car three times this year. Companies insure main drivers and policyholders, and according to statistics gathered and trends observed, males have a “need for speed”, and tend to crash a lot more than females because of it.

So it might be time to learn to love your bicycle, start gathering every free Uber voucher you can get your hands on, or share your car and costs with your parents. Sharing expenses make them easier to pay for.

Doctors cost more than hairdressers
Doctors study for more than 7 years, so that when you rock up to their office, they are well-trained professionals. To afford them, medical aid is a must. For you, as a healthy young adult, a hospital plan (which also covers chronic medication if you happen to suffer from an illness) may be acceptable.

If you’re below the age of 27 years old and unemployed (or studying), you may still be a dependent on your parents’ medical aid – think subsidised medical rates, thanks to your parental units.

If it is in your home during a party, it’s bound to break
As a student, your prized TV set, gaming console, and surround sound system are all placed on the only, rickety cabinet in your home. If you’ve hosted a small house party you’re bound to know first hand how unstable it is. Along with how easily drinks are spilled. Yes, you might not have a lot of assets in your possession, but they are expensive to replace or repair when they’re damaged, especially on your part-time income.

There are a few options, but the best would be that you find yourself comprehensive maintenance plan that would cover repairs, like EasyFix from Teljoy. The policy can be as little as R20 per month and includes repairs at your home and loan products if the item needs to be taken away. Handy when you consider that repairing an item can sometimes cost more than the original selling price and extends to other household items, like your beloved party fridge.

After you’ve gotten all your bases covered, remember to go out and have some fun. Hell, walk over to your fridge and crack open a beer, it’s 12pm somewhere in the world!

This article was first published in BLQ on 25th August 2016.