Some tips to help get the kids excited for the going back to school.

With the summer holidays being over a month long your children are going to find it hard to discover their motivation to go back to school. Spirits will definitely be dampened and focusing will prove to be difficult as they struggle to switch from holiday mode to real-life mode.

There are simple things as a parent, or even as a teacher, you can do pro-actively before the start of the new year to create intrigue for a world your children would deem dull and monotonous. The number one problem with children going back to school is that often they’re not sure what the lessons they’re learning are going to be used for in the future.

Before the holiday ends, or even during term time, cultivate the idea that the lessons they’re about to embark at school are linked to the exciting world around them. Pull your children away from the screen and take them on an exciting learning adventure where you show them how the lessons they are going to be taking now can be implemented in the future.

Show your children that skyscrapers are built with maths they’re going to learn at school, take them to a planetarium and connect the science they’re be learning in the new year were the foundations to discovering a new planet, whatever your excursion is make it fun, interesting and motivating.

Taking your children on these voyages of discovery will not only motivate them for the new schooling year, but inspire them to achieve a long term goal.

Learning with your kids

As adults we like to pretend to our children that we know it all but, as is often the case, being honest is a far better option. Admit to your children you need to learn something and let them come along, remember that the lesson you undertake should be interesting and fun for all-ages. For an example, take your children to a cooking class if you have no idea how the culinary arts work. Your example of learning is fun will inspire, and motivate, your children to go back to school with a positive attitude.

Even though you might not know everything you are in the unique position, as an adult, to start teaching your children about lessons coming up in the new year by posing simple questions. Children are motivated to solve problems, even if they are just simple questions. Make sure that these little problems you pose can be related to your children’s interests. The better you are able to link these little questions to their particular interest the better motivated they’ll be to find the solution in class in the up-coming months.

If your kids have hobbies they can form a good basis for learning, because even at a young age every skill they take to learning themselves is another feather in their cap. Whether it is rock climbing, building empires on a computer, or even pottery, motivation for the new schooling can be generated by linking these hobbies to subjects they will be learning at school this year. Allow your children to come to conclusion that with the lessons they will be taking at school they’ll improve at their hobbies.

Though the holiday is coming to an end, every child has one positive motivation to return to school and seeing their friends on a daily basis could be it. This might seem like a counter-intuitive way to motivate your children to become enthusiastic about learning, but school is more than the lessons taught in class it’s also about learning how to interact with others. Interacting with classmates also provides another important motivation tool: competition. A little competition is always healthy when it is cultivated to improving grades.

Remember every child is unique and special in their own way. There is no wrong way of motivating your children; just remember learning is better when it is fun. If learning becomes fun for them their motivation for new schooling year won’t be dampened, it’ll grow.

How do you get your kids motivated for school?

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