Protea Hotel Fire & Ice!, the brand that introduced naughty milkshakes to the trend-setters of Jozi and Cape Town in 2011, is set to raise the innovation bar even higher in 2012.

It’s all about brand evolution, explains Danny Bryer, Protea Hospitality Group Director of Sales, Marketing and Revenue.

“Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! is the brand that is known throughout South Africa to be ignitable and social and we’ve been constantly tinkering with the concept since the first Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! was launched in Cape Town in 2006.

“It was the first hotel to have a climbing wall, and certainly a first to have unisex, themed bathrooms in the public areas. And there’s still no equal to the Coughin’ Room – the smoking room with coffins for benches and an open grave on the ceiling.”

Bryer said when they were in the planning stages of the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Melrose Arch, they knew the hotel had to be something new and different; Fire & Ice! Cape Town style had already been done and fans of the hotel were anticipating something altogether new – but very Fire & Ice!


“I don’t think we disappointed anyone when the hotel launched in 2009. It incorporated a slick Hollywood glamour theme, with outrageously huge silver chairs, privacy pods, rose petal carpets and the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! (white chocolate and chilli) Martini that would have James Bond selling state secrets.”  However the physical nature of these hotels is a small part of it; the main driver around the success of Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! remains the awesome service culture and young thinking attitudes of the STAFF.

2012 would see the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! in Cape Town and Melrose Arch used as launching pads for new innovations the Protea Hospitality Group intended to roll out through Protea Hotels, Bryer said.

“We’ve been travelling and consulting extensively in the past year. There are some trends in hospitality internationally that we think will find favourable reception in the South African market, and others we believe we can improve upon.

“We’ll be launching these innovations in the hotels that have been leading the pack as far as trends are concerned since 2006,” Bryer said. “As a brand the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! isn’t afraid of taking chances and there’s no doubt it’ll continue to excite and astonish GUESTS and visitors alike in 2012. Watch this space.”