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The Protea Hospitality Group, which offers Prokard, Africa’s leading hospitality loyalty card established more than 27 years ago, launches a newly enhanced programme on August 1 that presents far greater value to Prokard Rewards Programme members.

Protea Hospitality Group Director of Sales, Marketing and Revenue, Danny Bryer, says the new Prokard value propositions have been created because of the evolving needs of the approximately 100 000 loyalty card holders.

“We conducted focus groups with our existing loyalty members and through our GUEST feedback we realised that expanding and enhancing the value proposition and simplifying the redemption process further would make Prokard even more user-friendly and rewarding.

“A simple example would be that if GUESTS are on extended trips they might want laundry done. Previously Prokard Rands couldn’t be used for anything other than redemption on future accommodation, but in terms of the new value propositions they can be used to pay for any services or extras that the GUEST chooses to add to their hotel bill during their stay.  The redemption process is quick and user friendly as all Prokards now feature a mag-stripe allowing GUESTS to simply swipe their Prokard at check-out to cash in their Prokard Rands against their total hotel bill. 

Bryer says the Protea Hospitality Group’s Rewards Programme offers choices so that travellers can select the tier most appropriate to their travel needs, rather than forcing everyone into one box.

“The one major change to the loyalty programme structure is the introduction of the Prokard Bronze Card, which is Prokard’s new entry-level card and is offered complimentary to GUESTS who stay at Protea Hotels and African Pride Hotels.

“This card is about welcoming new GUESTS, getting to know them, offering them a taste of what the Prokard Rewards Programme is all about – and ultimately providing them with the best hotel experience they could possibly have.”

The Silver and Gold Prokard memberships remain, and members are entitled to numerous privileges that include complimentary early check-in, complimentary late check-out, complimentary room upgrades and discounts of up to 10% off the Best Available Rate (BAR), up to 5% off special offers advertised on and up to 20% off accommodation when travelling in Africa. Prokard Gold members also enjoy discounts of up to 50% on the food portion of their restaurant bill in participating hotel restaurants.

Bryer says Prokards are particularly sought after for executive travel.

“With the Prokard system while VIP GUEST loyalty members are staying at a hotel on business, they – personally – are earning Prokard Rands that they can use for their family holiday travel.

“And all of that is for the cost of a Rewards Programme membership that is equivalent to, or even cheaper than one single night’s stay in a mid-market hotel.”

Prokard profiles are incorporated into the new website that also launches in August.

Bryer says the Prokard portal on the new website has been streamlined and simplified, making it easier for members to see at a glance how many Prokard Rands they have accrued and how they can redeem them on future accommodation and other hotel services.

“The changes we have made to the Prokard Rewards Programme can be distilled into one concept, which is to provide travellers with more tangible benefits where it actually counts whilst maintaining guaranteed redemption on member rewards.

“There’s absolutely no point being a member of a travel industry loyalty programme if you can only redeem your rewards when a leap year happens to coincide with a blue moon in February.

“It needs to be simple, present true value and create wonderful travel experiences for members, which is what the new Prokard value proposition does in spades.”

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The Protea Hospitality Group Bronze, Silver and Gold Prokards


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