The Protea Hospitality Group has after a strenuous selection process of several full service digital companies, chosen Base2 as their online development partner.

Protea Hospitality Group Director of Sales, Marketing and Revenue, Danny Bryer said Base2 was the right company for a strategic partnership that would solidify the hotel group’s online industry leadership.

“The way the consumer interacts with companies in the digital space is rapidly evolving and you have to stay ahead of the curve,” Bryer said. “We have exciting development plans in this area and we look forward to working with Base2.”

Base2 Managing Director Adam Oberem said the company was one of a handful of true full service digital agencies in South Africa, ranging from usability & interface design, analytics & insights, strategy, creative, development & technical as well as social, search and display media.

“The consumer needs and purchasing behaviour, insights and the company’s goals are our starting points for any digital channel or campaign approach. Once having interrogated these elements will result in the execution being original, sophisticated, relevant, usable and measurable,” Oberem said. “Apart from the incredible opportunity to produce strategic and creative work, the culture fit and team dynamic promises to result in a partnership that is set to support their overall vision, utilising digital to secure the Protea Hospitality Group’s position as the industry leader.”