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July 2012: The Protea Hospitality Group is getting behind Reach for a Dream’s “Reach for Slippers” campaign, which will see scores of STAFF members going to work this Friday (August 3) wearing their most outrageous bedroom footwear – the fluffier and brighter the better!

The hotel’s group’s entire head office STAFF complement will be going to work this Friday wearing slippers, and some hotels are also joining in the fun as well, because every TEAM member has the R10 slipper sticker that is their passport to comfort.

The hotels participating in the fundraising drive are:

  • Protea Hotel Island Club: The hotel has bought stickers for STAFF and is selling stickers to GUESTS.
  • Protea Hotel North Wharf: The hotel is giving all GUESTS a pair of slippers and a sticker and the breakfast STAFF will be wearing the slippers.
  • Protea Hotel Victoria Junction: The hotel is selling stickers to GUESTS and STAFF for R5 each, and for every one that’s sold the hotel will match/donate the other R5 to make up the R10 sticker price.
  • African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa: The hotel is selling stickers and slippers – 1 sticker and a pair of slippers cost R20.

Last year Reach For A Dream in KwaZulu Natal, which piloted the campaign, raised R175 000 to make dreams come true for children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. This year the whole of South Africa is involved as the foundation takes Slipper Day national. Each of the seven Reach For A Dream offices across the country are working with schools, businesses and individuals in their areas to get more people into slippers this year than ever before.

Reach For A Dream fulfils the dreams of children between the ages of 3 and 18 who have been diagnosed as having a life-threatening illness by a medical practitioner. For children who have a life-threatening illness, the magic of childhood may be lost in the emotional, physical and financial strain of dealing with their illness. Reach For A Dream tries to alleviate some of this strain (which often affects the whole family), by creating a different environment for the child – one that is not focused on her/ his illness.

Protea Hospitality Group CEO Arthur Gillis, who with his TEAM has for many years been working tirelessly to make children’s dreams come true, challenged companies across South Africa to follow PHG’s example and buy stickers for all their STAFF.

“It’s just R10 per person, but the money goes to giving a sick child a wonderful, hopeful experience. The Protea Hospitality Group has been involved with RFAD for a number of years; it is just one of the hundreds of NPOs that are supported by our hotels. Every Protea Hotel and African Pride Hotel in South Africa supports at least one local charity, which range from literacy to feeding, pre-schools to helping the elderly. We hold RFAD, and this campaign, very close to our hearts.”

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Reach for a Dream - Protea Slippers

A clucking good cause: (from left) Neill Baird, Nicholas Barenblatt, Clinton Arnot, Soraya Phillips, Jessica Chait, Arthur Gillis (CEO), Bonolo Sebambo, Talya Schaffer, Gregory Krupp and Bryan Mulliner are just some of the Protea Hospitality Group head office STAFF who’ll be wearing their slippers to work on Friday in support of Reach for a Dream’s Slipper Day.