Single this Valentine's Day?

Pure Romance

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We've put together some ideas for what to do with your Valentine's Day this year if you happen to find yourself without a date...

Even if you're happy flying solo for the rest of the year, something about Valentine's Day can make even the most confident and content single woman feel like there's something wrong with her.

The trick to avoiding overthinking your single status and beating up on yourself is making sure you have plans for the night - romantic or otherwise.

Host a ladies' night with a difference

If you have some single girlfriends or know women who are in long distance relationships who won't be smugly ensconced with their beau on the night, invite them round to your place for a Pure Romance party.

One of my friends hosted one last month and it was so much fun. Pure Romance is a classy, high quality range of makeup, pampering products and *ahem* 'bedroom accessories', and one of the services they offer is to send a consultant to your home to give a demonstration and allow you to test, sniff and even taste some of their wares. After the show, you and your guests can order your desired products in the privacy of a separate room. What's more, as the hostess, you will get a gift from the consultant and a discount on your purchases, relative to what your guests spend.

As an added bonus - many of the products are perfect for when you find yourself in a bit of a sexual drought, but work just as well when you have a partner to play with as well. Think of it as a gift for yourself - one that keeps giving! To find out how to host your own party, visit

A romantic dinner party with your besties

Last year, two single friends and I got dressed up, bought some nice wine and had a dinner party. We made pizza, watched movies and ate red velvet cupcakes. It was probably one of the best Valentine's Days I've had. Sometimes you can get so caught up in feeling sorry for yourself for being single that you forget that you're not alone, and that you're lucky to have your girlfriends (whether they're single or in relationships themselves).

Do something nice this year for your friends if they're flying solo for Valentine's Day - invite them over to your place and make them feel special (and remind them that even the best boyfriend will never treat us as well as our best friends do!).

Throw a Ken & Barbie party

This is a fun idea if you're single and (to use a dreadful cliche) ready to mingle. Host a party, invite all the single women and men that you know, and ask them to bring a 'date' of the opposite sex. The rule is that they must have no romantic interest in their 'date'. The idea is to get as many unattached people there as possible, so you have a really good chance of meeting someone new, or just making some new friends.

This is a much more relaxed, no-pressure way to meet single guys than, say, speed dating, and you have a better chance of being introduced to the hottie you've got your eye on as everyone will know each other through someone else.

Just make sure you're busy

If you're not keen on doing anything Valentine-related, you're in luck, as Valentine's Day this year falls on a Tuesday. Treat it like any other week night! Go to a gym class, if you do shift work, make sure you're signed up for that night, or just stay in and cook yourself your favourite dinner and give yourself a manicure in front of the TV.

Whatever you do, don't mope. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers because you don't need a man and a cutesy teddy bear to tell you you're awesome. People are attracted to happy people, so if you're taking care of you and making sure you are open to meeting someone new, this time next year you might find this article irrelevant!

-          This article was published on the All4Women website on 24 January 2012