How to perfect your pout

perfect-the-poutJust because you’re not being whisked away on a romantic weekend this V-day is no excuse to run around with chapped, flaky-looking lips. And if you are (being wined and dined, that is) then all the more reason to make sure you’ve got a beautiful-looking mouth…

Protect your pucker

The skin on your lips is one of the most delicate areas of your body. Unlike other types of skin, your lips can’t tan in the sun, they simply burn. To prevent this, ensure your lip balm or lipstick contains an SPF of at least 15.

Still, the sun isn’t the only element your lips have to worry about; if you expose them to extreme cold they can dry out. In this case, use a lip balm or hydrating lipstick that can act as a barrier between your lips and the cold.

Time to prime

An easy way to exfoliate your lips is give them a gentle scrub with a dry tooth brush. You could also try using lip products that contain mild chemical exfoliators. A good example would be Blistex DCT lip balm; it contains alpha hydroxy acid which helps loosen the bonds between dead skin cells to ensure your lips stay moist and flake-free.

Perfect your pout

Now that your lips are smooth and well-nourished, you’ve got the perfect canvas to create your idea of the perfect pout. Here are just a few ways to do just that:

To create a larger-looking lip area, use a lip pencil that matches the exact shade of your lips to draw a line that sits ever so slightly outside of your natural lip line.

When it comes to picking a lipstick, remember that very dark colours will make your mouth look smaller, so opt for pinks and nudes. Also, sparkly shades, particularly sparkly gloss, will help create the illusion of fuller-looking lips.

Want to really pump up the volume? Try using a ‘plumping’ lip gloss like Pure Romance Perfect Pout lip plumping serum (R255, available online from Pure Romance). Thanks to stimulating cinnamon extracts, it’ll help boost circulation in your lips and temporarily plump up your pout.

– This article was published on the Beauty South Africa website on 2 February 2012