When you look at African Pride’s 15 On Orange from the outside you feel slightly ill. It’s just beautiful. It’s a glass marvel in the centre of Cape Town that seems a little too pretty for its surroundings.

It comes as no surprise that I squealed with glee when they invited me to experience the hotel as well as the new, revamped Suntra Spa.

I silently thanked my e-mail inbox for being the window for this much-needed R & R weekend. I fantasised about wonderful hotel bathroom selfies (they have the best light), a three course meal with yummy wine and the highlight – the full body Swedish massage.

I invited my beautiful friend and housemate Mapodile on this weekend adventure. We packed our weekend bags and left our home in Woodstock many miles away, travelling 7km to town for our stay at 15 On Orange.


The pool you can swim in but its far nicer to take photos.

We checked in and toasted the lovely room we’d been given. Big bath. Big shower. Win. I was tempted to bath a handful of times that night but I planned the night’s events instead. We were going to eat ourselves into a non-life-threatening coma at the hotel restaurant and drink copious amounts of wine.


 The ‘we’re about to eat a whole lot of food’ selfie.

We did and we did



 Here is a photo of my food. I apologise for it not being artistic.I was really hungry and wanted to get on with it.

We planned to go out dancing but rolled ourselves into our room instead. Is hotel linen not the greatest thing on Helen Zille’s green earth?

We knew our massages were coming in the morning so we needed to rest up for that.

Suntra Spa is stunning. I would’ve taken a photo but I was too busy being drunk on rest and relaxation to bother. This was my first time getting a Swedish full body massage and I loved every minute (60 of them). I’d indicated on my form that I was experiencing high stress levels (I have three jobs at the moment) and needed the masseusse to fix me. She did.

This photo is from the hotel’s website.


15 on Orange- Suntra Spa 

I highly recommend it. And if you can’t, I’ll gladly take your place.

I’ll collect my coins and visit the hotel again for sure.

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