Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many of us already have plans in place to make our loved-ones feel special. But it’s also an opportunity to spread the love still further to causes close to your heart, with romantic accessories that endure long beyond the month of love.

If you’re looking for a way to literally wear your heart on your sleeve and show how much you care about the world around you, then 100% not-for-profit social enterprise Relate has the perfect answer, through loving, lasting legacies.

Relate helps represent many a cause with claws and has a wonderful selection of bracelets geared towards sustaining natural habitats and the conservation of countless vulnerable species, through the valuable work of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT).

You and your significant other can take the pledge “to keep all carnivores wild n’ free” before getting your teeth into the EWT’s vast information resources and finding out how to get involved. Encompassing biodiversity and business, through to the preservation of threatened species and habitats, this invaluable network provides for more than just paws for thought.


The Relate Trust is a proudly 100% NOT-FOR-PROFIT social enterprise which predominantly sells handmade beaded bracelets around the world to raise money for charities globally, while creating jobs for people in low-income communities. In the last three years alone, Relate has raised more than R26 million for causes in health, education, conservation, social upliftment, and children’s and women’s empowerment, while raising more than R50 million since it became a trust in 2010.

For more information on the Relate Trust, please visit relate.org.za.

This article was first published by Cape Town Guy on the 11th February 2019