Have you ever wandered down a hotel corridor and wondered what’s happening behind all those closed doors?

Are people working, partying, eating, sleeping, dressing up, dressing down – or doing a bunch of things with a cat, a magician and a snorkel that you’re not entirely sure you want to know about?

Well brace yourself –because Protea Hotels is opening those hotel doors with a series of 6-second video clips showcasing a range of fun and quirky scenarios of what could happen behind closed doors.  Due to the nature of the content and campaign, all the videos are shareable on social channels like Twitter and Facebook.

“What goes on behind hotel doors is often very funny and sometimes a little bizarre. Just looking at what lands up in hotel lost and found boxes is testament to that!” says Protea Hospitality Group Marketing Manager Nicholas Barenblatt.

“Knowing intimately, as we do, the weird and wonderful things that happen in hotels inspired this campaign that’ll lift the veil on some plausible scenarios that people who don’t work in hospitality would normally never get to see. And of course a few implausible ones that even those people who do work in hospitality fervently hope they’ll never see in person either!”

Barenblatt says the campaign is in line with the Protea Hotels brand personality which is slick, bold, sexy, unique and now; whilst delivering all communications with irreverent humour and attitude.

“We’re in the service industry where we have to deliver the best GUEST service 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s not an easy job when your doors never close, but the Protea Hotels core brand attribute is fun and friendly service; and it’s this very attribute that motivates our TEAM to deliver on this promise, which I believe is communicated to each and every GUEST who stays with us,” says Barenblatt.

“Consumers spend most of their work and relaxation time online via their desktops and mobile devices which results in most first time and general ongoing engagement between brands and consumers taking place in this medium.

“It makes sense in that context to use the medium to reinforce our brand personality through this quirky shareable campaign that showcases the diversity of our fresh rooms that are on offer across our portfolio of hotels.”

Visit to view what happens behind hotel doors.

People can follow the campaign via #ProteaDoors on Twitter.

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