Traditional Meets Trendy To Create The Perfect Serve

A new generation of whisky drinkers continues to emerge; one that is less concerned with being restricted to the traditional serve, but devoted to discovering new and exciting taste combinations. For years, purists have debated the ‘correct’ way to down a dram, with the vast majority believing that the hallowed nectar should be consumed in its original, untouched form or, if absolutely necessary, with a block of ice or splash of water. The modern palette is increasingly adventurous, which may explain the global surge in single malt whisky’s popularity, as the taste complexities of citrus, cherry, smokiness and port flavours which emerge in the distilling process are paired with food for dining and in the cocktail format for sheer enjoyment.


A wide variety of interpretations of the original serve are constantly being developed as whisky lovers embrace the exploration of diverse taste and textural combinations.. Sean Harrison, Brand Manager of Glenmorangie South Africa, is excited to see these trends reflected on South African shores, “It is exciting to see the inventiveness with which bartenders are approaching whisky drinking experiences in this country. The new trends, particularly the addition of flavours and bitters, are helping drinkers understand the complexity and depth of our whisky expressions”.


Theatrical carving


One of the biggest recent trends to emerge in whisky drinking is ice-carving and the introduction of large chunks of ice, rather than ordinary ice cubes. This trend started in Japan, where bartenders began experimenting with freezing specially filtered water into large blocks of ice and then carving off individual pieces for guests; not only creating ritual and ceremony around the drinking experience, but also adding to the drinking enjoyment. The larger piece of ice thaws slowly, keeping the whisky chilled and altering the dynamics of the malt, thereby releasing new layers of taste and depth.




The visually stunning “Blazer” is stirring the senses of whisky drinkers around the country. The idea of igniting a spirit is hardly new, dating back to the “Blue Blazer” invented in New York in the 1800s. However, this technique is enjoying a renaissance with a twist: the addition of exotic ingredients, fruits, and preserves combined with classic ingredients such as aromatic bitters and vermouths is helping to bring out new flavours in the whisky.


A dash of flavour


Bartenders around the world are also experimenting with adding flavoured and subtly infused waters to whisky. Waters flavoured with hints of rose, fresh ginger or mint, honey, lemon or vanilla are an excellent complement to Glenmorangie Original.


Rediscovering the classics


Another popular trend in whisky drinking has been a harkening back to classic whisky cocktails, infused with modern panache. Top bartenders are taking these classic recipes for drinks such as the Manhattan, Rob Roy, Bobby Burns and Whisky Sour and personalising them by adding aromatic bitters, more complex vermouths, homemade syrups and liqueurs.


Glenmorangie Cocktails


The Orangie


Clean and fresh, this is refreshing and zesty, perfectly showcasing the bergamot and mandarin notes of Glenmorangie Original



50 ml Glenmorangie Original

15 ml Crème de Peche

10 ml Grand Marnier




Place cube after cube of cold, clean ice into a glass of

Glenmorangie Original then slowly stir to progressively dilute

and chill the drink. Add the Crème de Peche and Grand

Marnier, while continuing to stir. Garnish with grapefruit zest.


Signet Padovani



45ml Glenmorangie Signet

15ml St. Germain


Stir ingredients over ice and strain into an ice-filled glass. The St. Germain beautifully complements the heavier coffee, plum and tobacco tones in the whisky creating an incredible mixture that is remarkably simple in recipe, yet so deep and complex in flavour.


The Glenmorangie Velvet Smoke




90ml. Moet & Chandon Imperial

1 block ice

7ml Glenmorangie Original

22ml Earl Grey Syrup (Alternative: white tea)

15ml Lavender Tea


Rinse ice with Glenmorangie Original.

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, and strain into a Champagne flute.

Top with Moet.


The Glenmorangie Mosquito

60ml. Glenmorangie The Original
1 whole lime, quartered
2 cubes brown sugar
10 mint leaves
60ml. Soda Water

Cut lime into 4 quarters.

Muddle together in a tall glass: 4 x lime quarters, 9 x mint leaves and 2 x cubes of brown sugar.

Half fill glass with crushed ice. Add 60ml of Glenmorangie Original and mix. Add 60ml soda water and garnish with a mint leaf and serve


About Glenmorangie:


Glenmorangie is, quite simply, the most delicious and complex single malt whisky in the world.  Its multi-layered aromas and kaleidoscopic flavours stimulate the senses and entice the palate.  Undeniably the most complex and perfectly balanced single malt, every sip of Glenmorangie offers a heady and alluring experience in taste, texture and aroma.


This beautifully seductive spirit originates in the heart of the Scottish Highlands at the Glenmorangie distillery, where it is first captured by elegant, swan necked stills that are the tallest in Scotland, and then expertly matured in the finest oak casks. It is finally perfected by the 16 Men of Tain, a small group of men with immense skill and enviable knowledge who are the craftsmen of Glenmorangie, the patient patrons of quality and excellence who use the time-honoured, traditional skills that have passed from generation to generation.


The Glenmorangie Company is one of the most renowned and innovative distillers and marketers of Scotch whisky brands worldwide and is part of Moët Hennessy, the wine and spirits division of Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH). The distillery was founded in 1843 and is renowned as a pioneer in its field uniting tradition with innovation.


Aroma:             Imagine yourself in an Italian garden surrounded with mandarin, lemon, apple, pear and peach trees, their fruit ripening in the sun. Add to this the scent of vanilla ice cream, then enjoy the herbal aromas of geranium and wild mint growing nearby.


Taste:              Savour the fruits of the Italian garden as creamy vanilla slips like liquid silk over the tongue as peaches and cream, mandarins and lemons effervesce in the mouth.


Finish:              The charming sweetness of delicious juices is left on the tongue pale.


Responsible Drinking:

The Glenmorangie Company advocates responsible drinking and suggests that drinkers savour Glenmorangie whiskies in moderation and in line with recommended daily guidelines for alcohol consumption.


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