Today is World Aids day, and Relate Bracelets has partnered with Mothers2Mothers. Mothers2Mothers is an African-based, global not-for-profit organisation that recognises African women living with HIV as the greatest resource available to ending paediatric AIDS and creating healthy families and communities. The organisation believes that paediatric AIDS can be eliminated entirely. But to do so, it is critical for mothers2mothers to continue to raise funds and awareness for its efforts, which is why the organisation has partnered on World AIDS Day this year, and into 2016, with 100 percent not-for-profit social enterprise Relate Bracelets. Relate Bracelets makes handmade beaded bracelets in support of more than 70 causes, the latest being m2m. Proceeds from the sale of each bracelet support not only the cause, but the seniors in impoverished communities who supplement their pensions by threading the beads, many of whom care for their grandchildren and others orphaned by HIV/Aids.

World AIDS Day Weekend Argus 20151129
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This article was first published in the 29 November edition of the Weekend Argus

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