Why Public Relations?


Public Relations

Good PR positions your business as an industry leader

A business with good Public Relations behind it has a huge advantage over a business that doesn’t – a great reputation. Good public relations positions your business as an industry leader in media that your target market trusts and respects. While advertising still has its place in many a good marketing strategy, it has lost a lot of impact as the consumer becomes increasingly critical of paid-for messages.

You need PR if you:

  • Want to be established as a thought leader in your industry
  • Need reputation management
  • Want to communicate your brand’s message to your consumer
  • Need to generate widespread exposure
  • Want to become a trusted brand
  • Want to build relationships with stakeholders and other organisations

Everybody wants to hear a good story, and that’s how PR works. The Body Shop, PlayStation and Harry Potter didn’t spend much on brand advertising. They didn’t need to. They had public relations and the media that it generated to build their name and help create the worldwide phenomenon that each became.

PR is about communicating; it’s also about communicating with the right people at the right time. PR experts know how to target your market by approaching the publications they read, when they read them. A brand’s narrative needs to make sense in the context of the stories the target market is consuming in the media on a daily, weekly, monthly and longer-term basis.

That’s why PR.